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Frequently asked questions

How long is one lesson?

Trial lessens are 30 minutes, all other sessions are 60 minutes. If you prefer to work in 30 minute sessions, just drop us an email and we'll make that happen for you too.

My exam is very soon, I don't know if I will be able to pass?

In a trial lesson, I will give you a realistic assessment of your level of knowledge and skill. Drop me an email telling me what is your goal and how quickly you would like to achieve it. This way I can prepare specifically for you and your needs.

How fast can I achieve my learning objective?

This depends on several factors:

  • Level
  • Time
  • Exposure to German language (e.g. at work, German-speaking friends, hobbies etc)

As part of the trial lesson I will give you an initial assessment on how fast you can achieve your objectives. 

Is there homework?

As part of the trial lesson we will work out a customised curriculum for you. 95% of my students choose to do some sort of self-study (homework), optimising their learning experience. 

How do you grade my work and performance?

I will never interrupt your speaking exercises. After the trial lesson, you will receive an Excel spreadsheet showing your learning progress after each lesson. In the sheet you will find new vocabulary as well as new phrases and expressions that will help you speak even more effectively. Additionally, you will be able to check frequent mistakes you have been making and your homework. Homework is designed in order for you to work on your mistakes.

If we do grammar or pronunciation exercises, I will grade and correct you staright away.

What happens during a lesson?

We start off each and every lesson with a quick warm-up exercise by talking about different topics and by me asking you specific questions. I will take notes that you will be able to review in your curriculum. After the warm up we will focus on the main topic of the lesson in question. It doesn't matter if the topic is reading, listening, writing or speaking, in our lessons, you will be doing most of the talking. I will be trying to get you to speak by asking specific questions.

Is it more effective to book double lessons?

From my experience, 60-minute intervals are most effective. This is because online lessons in a one-to-one setting are very intensive. I am happy to give you more homework and you can always book several individual lessons within one week.

When buying a bundle of lessons, is there a timeframe within which I have to redeem the lessons?

Bundles are valid for one year starting from the day of purchase.

What is included in the price?

The price includes both the lesson itself as well as the the time spent for preparation and follow-up. This guarantees smooth progress from lesson to lesson as well as effective practising. If other topics are addressed during the lesson, or if you hand in your work, your coach will work on it after the lesson and discuss it with you in the next. Please hand in only one work per lesson. Please ask your coach for writing exercises if you wish to practise.

What to do if I can't find a date in your calendar that works for me?

Simply drop me an email with your preferred date to

Is it possible to postpone or move lessons I have already booked?

Of course, you can postpone your lesson free of charge up to 12 hours before the start.


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