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Podcast - Prepositions with the Dative Part 2 - TELC B1 Exam Language Modules

Prepositions with the dative case in the TELC B1 exam (language modules)

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TELC B1 Examination (Page 12 / Language Modules Part 1)


Today I'll show you how to solve the tasks with the prepositions especially quickly and correctly:


The solutions22, 26, 28, 29 all have something to do with prepositions and the correct case. Important: Before you start, remember the article in the dative case: dem- der - den


Be careful with relative pronouns: dem - der - denen



- at+ dative

- Company= the company

- Solution: c - a company



- You need a preposition with a dative - you can tell by this time. In the nominative case: the time;

- bis+ accusative - answer a is certainly wrong

- in+ after can both use the dative

- The meaning is "during this time" = "at this time";

- Solution: b - in



- with+ dative

- c- the = wrong! (no dative)

- This sentence is a relative sentence referring to the colleagues.

- Colleagues= plural

- Solution: b - those



- at+ dative

- a- my - is certainly wrong! (no dative)

- friends= plural (you can also tell by the n - dative plural gets an n - except for words like taxi -taxis that end in s).

- Solution: b - mine


More about the accusative next time!




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