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Prepositions with the Accusative Part 3 - Tips for the ÖIF / TELC B2 exam (language modules)

Prepositions with the accusative and tips for the ÖIF / TELC B2 exam (language modules)

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through - around - against - without - for

If you remember these prepositions well, it will be a great help not only for the B1 but also for the B2 exam.

Today I've given you a few extra tips for the ÖIF language modules and the TELC B2 exam with the podcast:

TELC B2 (see appendix);


- Attention Genitive!!!

- Solution: b - whose


- be interested in

- for + accusative

- I am interested in sports. I am interested in books.

- the Gallery - does not change, so accusative

- Solution: b - for

ÖIF B2 (see appendix);


- saving

- save - noun with the

- with + dative

- at + the = at

- Solution: b - at the


- lie close to the heart

- the heart

- Fixed phrase: I care about my sister. I care about the planet. ...

- Solution: a - am


- hope + for - I hope for good weather. I hope for a good grade. ....

- on + accusative

- c it cannot be in any case, because with the dative wants

- Solution: b - on

More on the genitive next time!

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